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Nearly all Communist regimes of the 20th century have subjected their peoples to starvation. In Lenin's time, famine brought death to five million. From 1932 to 1933, in Stalin's time, the same disaster happened again but with a much wider scope; more than 6 million people died as a result of it. As we will see in the following pages, millions died as a result of famine in Mao's Red China and Pol Pot's Cambodia.

Today, with supermarkets, bakeries, pastry shops, and restaurants all around us; famine seems an alien concept. When we do hear about famine, most often we think of it as a period of temporary hunger. But the famines in Russia, China and Cambodia was a prolonged condition that lasted for months, even years. Apart from grain and rice that villagers could grow to feed themselves, all produce was snatched from their hands, leaving them nothing else to eat. People ate all the vegetables and fruit that they used to collect for sale, and all the animals they could slaughter. When this supply quickly ran out, they would resort to boiling leaves, grass and tree bark. After several weeks of continual hunger, their bodies would grow weak and become emaciated. Some would eat stray cats and dogs and other wild creatures, including insects. Soon, wracked with pain, people would start to die, one after another, with no one to bury them. Finally would appear famine's worst aspect of all: cannibalism. People would start to eat corpses first, then attack each other, snatching children to slaughter and devour. In line with Communist philosophy, they would become bestialized indeed, and human no longer.

This was the goal of the Communist regime. Unbelievable as it might seem, it happened first in the 20th century, in Bolshevik Russia under Lenin's leadership.

In 1918, shortly after the Bolsheviks came to power, Lenin decided to abolish private property. His decision's most important result was the nationalization of land once owned by villagers. Bolshevik militants, Cheka police agents, and Red Army units forced their way into farms all over Russia and, under threat of arms, confiscated the produce that was the only source of food for villagers already living in harsh conditions. A quota was established that every farmer had to give to the Bolsheviks, but in order to fill it, most farmers had to surrender all the produce they had. Villagers who resisted were silenced by the most brutal methods.

In order to have not all their wheat seized, some farmers hid a portion in storage. The Bolsheviks regarded this kind of behavior as a "betrayal of the revolution" and punished it with incredible savagery. On February 14, 1922, an inspector went to the region of Omsk and described what happened there:

Abuses of position by the requisitioning detachments, frankly speaking, have now reached unbelievable levels. Systematically, the peasants who are arrested are all locked up in big unheated barns; they are then whipped and threatened with execution. Those who have not filled the whole of their quota are bound and forced to run naked all along the main street of the village and then locked up in another unheated hangar. A great number of women have been beaten until they are unconscious and then thrown naked into holes dug in the snow…24

As a result of his commitment of Darwinism, Lenin regarded human beings as a herd of animals and he did not hesitate to use the cruelest methods against them.

Lenin became enraged when he saw that quotas set for the villagers were not being met. Finally in 1920, he imposed a terrible punishment on the villagers in some areas who were resisting the confiscations: These villagers would have not only their produce taken, but their seeds as well. This meant they couldn't plant new crops and would certainly die of hunger. From 1921 to 1922, famine caught 29 million Russian individuals in its grip; and five million of them died.

In the course of the famine that Lenin regarded as "beneficial," cases of cannibalism were discovered. This photograph, taken in a Russian village in the Volga region in 1921, shows two adults eating children they had kidnapped and butchered. This scene of savagery is evidence of the model Communism seeks to establish.

When news of the famine reached Western countries, they organized an aid campaign to help ease the disaster. It almost succeeded, but it came too late. The Bolsheviks, wanting to conceal the utter disaster of their agricultural policy, forbade the publication of any news about the famine, consistently denying that it was happening. In his book, A Concise History of the Russian Revolution, Richard Pipes writes:

In the spring of 1921, peasants in the areas struck by the famine resorted to eating grass, tree bark, and rodents... There were confirmed cases of cannibalism. Soon millions of wretched human beings abondoned their villages and headed for the nearest railroad station hoping to make their way to regions where, rumor had it, there was food. They clogged the railway depots, for they were refused transportation, because until July 1921 Moscow persisted in denying that a catastrophe had occurred. Here, in the words of a contemporary, they waited "for trains which never came, or for death, which was inevitable." Visitors to the stricken areas passed village after village with no sign of life, the inhabitants having either departed or lying prostrate in their cottages, too weak to move. In the cities, corpses littered the streets...25

What was the aim of this policy? Lenin wanted to strengthen the Bolshevik regime's economy by seizing villagers' produce and realize the Communist dream of abolishing private property. But in deliberately subjecting his fellow Russians to famine, Lenin also had another purpose: Hunger, he knew, would have a devastating effect on their morale and psychology. He wanted to use famine as a tool to destroy people's faith in God and instigate a movement against the church. The Black Book of Communism describes Lenin's state of mind:

In 1921 and 1922, as a result of the famine deliberately caused by Lenin, 29 million people within the borders of the Soviet Union were caught in the grips of starvation. Five million of them starved to death.

A young lawyer called Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov was then living in Samara, the regional capital of one of the areas worst affected by the famine. He was the only member of the local intelligentsia who not only refused to participate in the aid for the hungry, but publicly opposed it. As one of his friends later recalled, "Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov had the courage to come out and say openly that famine would have numerous positive results, particularly in the appearance of a new industrial proletariat, which would take over from the bourgeoisie…Famine, he explained, in destroying the outdated peasant economy, would bring about the next stage more rapidly, and usher in socialism, the stage that necessarily followed capitalism. Famine would also destroy faith not only in the tsar, but in God too."

Thirty years later, when the "young lawyer" had become the head of the Bolshevik government, his ideas remained unchanged: Famine could and should "strike a mortal blow against the enemy." The enemy in question was the Orthodox Church.26

A letter Lenin sent to members of the Politburo on March 19, 1922, shows he wanted to use hunger as a method to break the bond between religion and the masses, to numb their reactions and thus facilitate his planned assault against religious institutions:

In fact the present moment favors us far more than it does them. We are almost 99 percent sure that we can strike a mortal blow against them [our enemies] and consolidate the central position that we are going to need to occupy for several decades to come. With the help of all those starving people who are starting to eat each other, who are dying by the millions, and whose bodies litter the roadside all over the country, it is now and only now that we can-and therefore must-confiscate all church property with all the ruthless energy we can still muster… All evidence suggests that we could not do this at any other moment, because our only hope is the despair engendered in the masses by the famine, which will cause them to look at us in a favorable light or, at the very least, with indifference.27

The famine at the beginning of the 1920's resulted from the Bolsheviks confiscating the peasants' crops. Millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of children, died in the famine. Lenin told his comrades this famine was very beneficial, because "it would destroy faith in God".
Children became just skin and bone and died of starvation, but the Bolsheviks continued to confiscate the peasants' grain. Sacks that peasants hid underground were found and dragged out of their holes by Communist militants. Villagers who had hidden the sacks were tortured to death.
In the Kurgan region in 1918, bags of wheat were forcibly collected from the people to feed the Red Army.

Right a photograph of Lenin, shortly before his death.
Before he died, Lenin became mad. This photograph, taken shortly before his death, teaches an example of the torment God sends in this world upon leaders of irreligion. This end is announced in Verse 30:10 of the Qur'an: "Then the final fate of those who did evil will be the Worst because they denied God's Signs and mocked at them."

Lenin's body was mummified like an Egyptian pharaoh's and placed in a tomb reminiscent of a Greek temple.

Lenin's cruel methods are the first instance of Communist savagery. Stalin and Mao, the dictators who came after him, only increased the scope of the horror.

Lenin's own death is quite telling. He suffered his first stroke in May 1922. On December 16, 1922, he suffered another major attack. Half paralyzed, he was confined to bed. In March of 1923, his illness worsened significantly and he lost the ability to speak. Afflicted by terrible headaches, he spent most of 1923 in a wheelchair. In the final months of his life, those who saw him were horrified at the frightful, half-mad expression on his face. He died of a brain hemorrhage on January 21, 1924.

The Bolsheviks mummified Lenin's body and specially preserved his brain, which they considered to have great value. They placed his body in a tomb, built in the style of a Greek temple, in Moscow's Red Square, where it was visited by crowds of people. Lines of visitors would look at the corpse in dread.

Their dread was to increase in years to come. Joseph Stalin, Lenin's successor, was even more cruel and sadistic. In a short time, he established the greatest "reign of terror" in modern history.


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I had always thought that the famines were a failure of the communist economic system and not a deliberate attempt at genocide. This story is very revealing in that it highlights the collectivist veiw that people are not individual organisms but are cells in a much larger organism. Now that this information is revealed I feel we should argue that those folks would have died anyway because of the system. The argument used by modern communist is that the problem in the Soviet Union was not communism but the Russians implementing it. Had those folks not died there would have been a stronger miltia resistance when Hitler's troops came through the Ukraine, and more German troops would have been tied up adminstering a highly populated teritory. Had Stalin not murdered his generals he would have had stonger leadership in his military. I theorize that had Stalin not killed he could have possibly defeated Germany before Pearl Harbor even occured shortening the war by years. That is why I oppose eugenic methods such as abortion. It leaves us with a talent deficit and reduces the pool of potential defenders.

I agree Tom. With all points. I was also unaware of the intentional starvation except for the Ukraine. I have picked up a PDF copy of "The Black Book of Communism" and it is packed full of information from KGB, NKVD, GPU  records. There are examples of tortures used  that are just sicker than sick. I am currently editing my copy and will email everyone when I am done. This copy is rough. Someone used character recognition software and many text symbols are corrupted. It is about 830 pages long with a few pictures.


The actual book sells for 50-70 dollars new.

Propaganda Poster from the Soviet Gov. about cannibalism. They had another one about parents eating their children, but i can't find it online yet. On Glenn Beck this week they had a report on two N. Korean woman agreeing to eat one of their sons one day and the other son the next day. Horrible!

Thanks W I would love a copy.


I'm still editing and not making much progress. The photo section really slowed me down, as it is very hard to copy & paste to word and keep info intact. I have about 500 pages left to edit in text.

Have a good Christmas Tom. I was just letting you know i haven't forgotten.



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