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Arabs Plan Bloody Wedding Massacre Dressed as Religious Jews

hasidic wedding

Terrorists planned on dressing up as religious Jews before entering a wedding hall and shooting as many guests as possible. They were caught, but that ploy has worked before.…


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Stonewall is not Selma

By: Cliff Kincaid

Accuracy in Media

President Obama has celebrated…


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How Communism Turned Cuba into an Island of Hackers and DIY Engineer

BY Jenny Marder  January 7, 2015 at 5:04 PM EST
A fan made from a boat propeller, an old washing machine motor and welded steel rods in El Gabriel, Cuba. Photo by Edel Rodriguez

A fan made from a boat propeller, an old washing machine motor and welded steel rods in El Gabriel, Cuba. Photo by Edel Rodriguez.…


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Nearly 200 Christian Churches Destroyed in Surge of Violence

'Documents what the mainstream media fail to report'

Published: 2 hours ago


There was a surge of anti-Christian violence by Muslims around the world that included the destruction of…


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Communism Goes Cute: The Japanese Communist Party’s New Kawaii Mascots

Written by: William on July 25, 2013

You might have thought that communism was safe from mascots but then you’d be wrong.

As shared by Matt Alt, the Japanese Communist Part has its own kawaii characters now, the so-called Proliferation Bureau,…


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Muslim Man Murders His 10-Year Old Daughter for Adultery – After Torturing Her to Confess


By Onan Coca…


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Obama Frees a Nuclear Terrorist


Which terrorist will Obama set loose next from Gitmo? A better question might be is there any terrorist he won’t free? Is there an Al Qaeda or Taliban Jihadist who poses too much of a threat to the United States…


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Joseph C Wilson - US Ambassador's Disinformation Campaign

  • Former U.S. Ambassador
  • Husband of CIA employee Valerie Plame
  • In 2002 was sent on a mission to Niger to investigate intelligence reports which suggested that the Iraqi government was actively trying to purchase uranium from that country
  • Wilson reported…

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Writer For Anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center Murdered by Blacks

“Death from willful ignorance:” For years Mr. Ruenzel perpetuated the myth that Whites ought to give up their so-called 'white privilege' in order…

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Does this explain Obama's deal with Cuba?

Russia quietly struck agreement with communist regime in July


TEL AVIV – While outspoken critics view…


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Obama Exchanges Castro’s Killer for American Hostage



Communists are ecstatic. “The Cuban Five Are Free” is a statement from the U.S. support network for the Cuban spies imprisoned in the U.S. for various crimes, including participating in a murder conspiracy.

Obama essentially released the three remaining Cuban spies in exchange for American Alan Gross, who had been held hostage by the Cuban regime…


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HOROWITZ: The Left’s War Against Justice And Peace

What Conservatives Still Must Understand About Progressives

When rioters and “protesters” defend criminals and attack the police it is not a protest. It is an attack. When radicals and…


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St. Louis Bomb Suspects Couldn't Afford Explosives Until EBT Card Was Replenished

Seriously. This is where we are as a society.

"Hey, we're gonna have to hold off on buying bombs until the girlfriend's EBT card clears."

At the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "Alleged plot included…


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The Common Core: A Trojan Horse to Unseat American Education

By Thomas Paine


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Obama Gives $3 Bil to U.N. Climate Fund Run by Communist Nations

NOVEMBER 19, 2014

President Obama has committed a mind-boggling $3 billion to a new United Nations Green Climate…


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Iran: ‘The Great Satan’ Still Our ‘Number One Enemy’

November 14, 2014 by Majid Rafizadeh

Majid Rafizadeh, an Iranian-American political scientist and scholar, is president of the International American Council and serves on the board of the Harvard International Review at Harvard University. Rafizadeh is also a former senior fellow at the Nonviolence International Organization based in Washington, DC and is a member of the Gulf project at Columbia University. He can be reached…


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Scientist Makes Excuses for 15-Year Global Warming Hiatus


One of the most under-reported facts about global warming is that, well, it’s not actually happening. The major climate change debates in…


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Pakistan plays ISIS card as army chief Raheel Sharif visits US

WASHINGTON: First it was the threat of Soviet/communism card. Then it was the al-Qaida card. Pakistan is now pulling out a new one: The ISIS card.

On the eve of the visit to the United States of Pakistan's most powerful man, army chief Raheel Sharif, the Pakistani military has fashioned a new narrative…


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