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Republicans Seek to Hold Attorney General in Contempt over Fast and Furious

WASHINGTON — Republican House leaders have drafted a proposed contempt of Congress citation against Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in which they charge that he and his Justice Department have repeatedly "obstructed and slowed" the Capitol…


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Iran Navy Warns it Could Deploy off NYC Coast




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Russian Troops in USA: Joint Exercises, Training to Target ‘Terrorists’

- Barack Obama to Russian…


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Media Protect Elizabeth Warren in Senate Race


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Look out! U.N. now invading your home

Warning says this is coming even over owner's objections


By Kevin DeAnna

Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America,”is warning that the federal government and the United Nations are teaming up to control energy usage in American…


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China's Military Paper Warns US Of Armed Conflict Over Sea Dispute

A top military publication in China has warned that the US may be risking an armed confrontation by undertaking a joint military exercise with the Philippines amid maritime tensions between Manila and Beijing over a disputed shoal in the South…


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Armageddon Watch: Russia Masses Troops on Iranian Border

Posted:13 Apr 2012 07:36 PM PDT

Russia is not just protecting Iran…


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Turkey: On Nuclear Crisis, between Iran and a Hard Place


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Exclusive: Iran’s “new initiatives” place Israel at center of nuclear talks

Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili

The head of Iran’s National Security Council Saeed Jalili suggested enigmatically…


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The More Accurate and Updated Obama Logo

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Breitbart Disciple Exposes Red Influence in Congress


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Romney adviser? Radical Obama Czar & Marxist-John Holdren of IPS

'Why … a reasonable person would pick such a man … is beyond us'


A radical Obama adviser who 

at one point forecast that the world would undergo famines during the 1970s when hundreds of millions of people would starve

and later guessed that 1 billion people will die in “carbon-dioxide-induced…


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Valerie Jarrett planted by communist sympathizer?

Family worked closely with Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis


Editor’s note: In 2008, WND thoroughly vetted President Obama’s radical background. Many of those original exclusive reports, almost entirely ignored by the mainstream news media, currently are being utilized four years later by some media outlets in the lead up to…


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Obama Administration Funding Middle East Christian Extermination


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Van Jones: Koch Bros To Blame For Trayvon Shooting-MSNBC takes the Commie's Viewpoint

"...listen, you've got the perfect storm building. You've got all the passion around Trayvon, and what a horrible injustice that was. And it turns out you can draw a direct line back to the Koch Bros,…


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Russia Goes On Alert As China Coup Fears Escalate

President Medvedev today took the unprecedented step today of putting the Federal Security Service (…


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Russia, Iran set to counter US-Israeli strike against Iran


Taking part in "Noble Dina" US-Israel-Greek drill

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a strong warning against a military attack on Iran Monday, April 2, saying that a pre-emptive strike would violate international law. His…


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Balkans: Croatia celebrates, Serbs mourn on anniversary of operation “Storm”

last update: August 04, 17:26


Zagreb/Belgrade 4 Aug. (AKI) - Croatia on Thursday celebrated the 16th anniversary of military operation “Storm” which crushed a Serb rebellion and sparked exodus of some 200,000 Serbs, while Serbia commemorated victims of what it calls the worst ethnic cleansing in Europe after World War Two.

Croatian Prime Minister…


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