All That Is Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing

John Murtagh for NY Mayor-A True Conservative

How Bill Ayers tried to kill John Murtagh and his family — and why it matters today

In February of 1970, John Murtagh’s father, John, Sr., was the judge in the famous Black Panther trial.

The defendants were charged with conspiring to bomb sites around New York City: police stations, department stores, and other public buildings — and to kill police officers.

After nonstop disruptions by the defendants and their allies, Judge Murtagh permanently recessed the trial until they agreed to behave in court.

Not long after the trial had resumed, a group called the Weather Underground, led by radical Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dorhn, bombed the Murtagh home in New York City, along with an army recruiting post, a police station, and several other sites in the NYC area.

Bill Ayers Mugshot

Their home in flames, nine year old John Murtagh narrowly escaped with his parents, older brother and sister.

The backyard snowman young John had built was used to douse the flames on one of the bombs that was tossed under the family car. Had it exploded, none of the family would have survived.

Because of his family’s personal experience with terrorism, John has always understood that the very first job of our elected officials is to guarantee the public health and safety.

Murtagh confronted Obama about Ayers,
regardless of the political cost

That’s why John Murtagh spoke out publicly against terrorist Bill Ayers during the 2008 Presidential race — and confronted then-Senator Obama about his relationship with the man who bombed the Murtagh home in 1970.

John Murtagh’s public criticism of Obama and his relationship to Ayers came at the height of Obama’s popularity in the 2008 campaign. Across the country, other Republicans were scurrying to escape the onslaught of the Obama landslide. Not John Murtagh.

Murtagh stood up to Obama and Ayers because it was the right thing to do. It still is. Since then, a dangerous terrorist was apprehended after attempting to ignite a car bomb — not unlike the one that Ayers’ group used on the Murtagh car — in Times Square, where it would have killed and maimed hundreds of people.

Police find leftist graffiti at Murtagh home after bombing

John Murtagh’s courage cost him a Senate election in 2008, but he knows he did the right thing in speaking out. And he would do exactly the same thing today.

We need leaders like John Murtagh
– he needs your help today

If you agree we need more courageous, conservative Republican leaders like John Murtagh, then we need you to step up and help John Murtagh in his current race for Mayor of Yonkers, NY.

John is the Republican Leader of the Yonkers, NY City Council, and the designated Republican candidate for Mayor this year. He faces opposition from corrupt political bosses, greedy union bosses, and their hand-picked candidate. John is running a gutsy, grassroots campaign, focusing on cutting taxes and spending, reforming the local school system, and eliminating unfair union practices that inflate the cost of government and hurt overburdened local taxpayers.

John’s solid pro-life background, his conservative record of reform, support for term limits, and for smart, sensible development, have made him the leading candidate for Yonkers Mayor in 2011.

What he needs are the funds to get his message across, and overcome the bullying by local union bosses, who were outraged when Murtagh suggested reforms like a 5% pay freeze for all Yonkers municipal workers (including elected officials like himself), and an end to pension padding by union workers on the verge of retirement.

Individuals may contribute up to $6,084 each, and businesses may donate up to $5,000.

If you support John Murtagh’s gutsy leadership, and his fearless approach to politics, please donate today.

We need more men and women like John Murtagh in American politics.


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